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PLEASE NOTE: Colours shown will vary according to different computer display settings and environmental factors such as lighting, skin tone etc. While the Colour Selector is provided as a best effort to assist colour selection no assurance is made that colours will look identical to that viewed here


Colour Palette - your metal brace options



AlastiK is a registered Trade Mark of 3M Unitek Limited. The colour palette reproduced here is for patient information purposes only


Please note: We stock most BUT NOT ALL colours shown in the palette above. To avoid disappointment always have an alternative combination selected in case we don't stock the colour you desire. The colours shown are quite accurate but there will be slight variation once fitted on braces & different computer displays show great variation in colour/ contrast/ brightness.

The 'M' in colour names represents that its a metallic.

Please remember too that tooth position may make colours look different than expected.

Colour Selection No. 1*  


Colour Selection No. 2*



* Colours shown on the palette above but not available in the list aren't currently in stock


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